HOSTEL SUPERVISOR - Hostel Management System

Hostel Supervisor manages the entire residential facility in the institute. Reducing the staff and paper works, this hostel module keeps the all updated records of students, their meal, lodging and other facilities. The hostel segment provides online status of room availability and allocations. Students get information on rent structures, health, and personal care. Reports on attendance / leave, disciplinary action, hostel fee receipts etc. can be generated and e-alerts sent to parents/guardians. Hostel Supervisor is responsible for the successful running of the hostel providing various options. Along with the hostel management, it ensures protection, wellbeing and safety of the students. Hostel Supervisor provides the option for assigning individual fees as well as the students can be sorted into groups and group fees can be assigned collectively. Rooms can be reserved in advance and will be assigned according to preset priorities. Hostel warden can predict future vacancies, track student’s progress through the placement process, and aggregate data on population percentages as well as report on incidents and disciplinary actions.



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