Awards & Recognitions

The awards Team Orell has received for its unparallel excellence in Educational Software Business and clientele management reflect the finest effort by Orellians each day, ensuring our team creates and delivers quality solutions and services in the most sustainable way. While we are recognized and rewarded by the industry, clients and media, we feel highly satisfied, but being modest by all the honors received over these years. Being proud of our achievements as a business and global community we realize, it’s reaffirming that third parties also recognize our efforts.

Oréll has won several awards for its unique solutions and contributions to the education industry. Our work in the industry is a critical part of the values we hold and it plays an integral role in our successful business operations and customer satisfaction. The honors and recognitions we received are testimonies to our growth, highlighting our services and commitment towards delivering value to our customers and stakeholders. As we are steadfast in providing class products with performance, several institutions and organizations have acknowledged our progress and accomplishments. We are thankful when our efforts bring in recognition for our excellent performance and optimal solutions we deliver to our clients. We see these awards as appreciation to the diligence and ingenuity of our enthusiastic team. They make us proud!