Why Schooberry?

Schooberry is known for its spotless structure and design and for its resourceful competence. Schooberry ERP, a School Management Software, specifically designed and developed to simplify the process of educational institutions meets with all the technological and administrative requirements of schools. The many tools enable proper workflow in different departments leaving no room for errors with a view to encourage and make positive difference in students.

The paperless automation of Schooberry provides the facility to perform all the activities of the school, making them easy, fast, efficient and accurate. We at Oréll understand the importance of a centralized database management system and have designed and developed Schooberry after a thorough analysis, to ease the work of the institute stakeholders.

This complete school management system automates and administers different academic and non-academic tasks in school making them easy, fast, efficient and accurate, aiding multiple departments, prospective students, faculties, staff and others. This school automation system has been created to help every institution manage all their data in a seamless and systematic manner. The product ensures to provide quality and result oriented solutions to all your worries.

  • Student Life-Cycle Relationship: From admission to graduation and beyond, Schooberry leverages new generation, web based technologies, to seamlessly integrate, streamline and manage in a secure, stable and scalable technical environment, the various touch-points and events that make-up the relationship a student has with the educational institution.
  • New Generation Technologies: Schooberry is a browser based system suite crafted using highly available, well integrated and scalable technology platforms such as .NET and MS SQL RDBMS
  • Efficiency and Productivity: By leveraging web-based technologies, Schooberry lets users access their information anytime and anywhere using a Web browser. It costs less to maintain and support, is easier to learn and convenient to operate.
  • Seamless Integration: Schooberry is a next-generation, fully integrated, end-to-end campus management solution suite. Schooberry is a “one-stop shop” that addresses and automates all the activities
  • Easy and Flexible Deployment: Schooberry is easy to install, is flexible and adaptable to suit the needs of large campuses through to medium and small ones.
  • Secure, Role-Based Information: Schooberry automatically identifies roles and relationships so students, faculty and alumni see the content and information specific to their needs, when they need it and sensitive data is protected to prevent inappropriate access.
  • Business Process Improvement: The integrated solution suite automates a robust, proven and fully re-engineered suite of workflows
  • Customer Driven Developments: We continuously invest in our new generation campus management solution suite with a strong team of over 100 professionals.

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