About Us

Oréll is a next generation information Technology enabled solutions provider and perhaps the only one of its kind, exclusively serving the education domain. Boasting a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that seamlessly merge with the educational value chain, we have 5000+ installations and a presence across 50 countries benefitting over 1 million learners and instructors, worldwide.

Our current status in the international market is truly dominant as we have contracts with leading educational institutions which are spread over five continents and, further to state the credibility of our product, none of the clients have terminated or have never showed the intention to switch into another supplier. We have always been generous with providing enough resources for researching the requirements of the sector and thereby developing the product which can win the sensitivity of the educational market. We are therefore in a safe position to offer tested and proven IT solution that could meet the demand of the International Educational Institutions exclusively.

Every step we take is upon the convenience of our customers and that is why we continue to maintain the stardom position in the sector, with a paramount range of satisfied customers. The support specialists of our team are well trained to attend global customers and the service is available 24 X 7, with real-time responses.