Schooberry - Benefits

Smooth and uniform running of a school is a real challenge for all administrative staff. It involves integrating many aspects like admission, attendance, timetables, exam scheduling, fee collection, staff administration, student housing etc. The Oréll software and R&D team works together with school administrators, staff and students to bring you Oréll Schooberry, the 24-module comprehensive full service school management package that includes all the elements that are necessary for any school. With the 24 modules, Oréll Schooberry provides integrated solutions in the various facets of daily transactions with real-time operational visibility across the school academic activities. The user-friendly, versatile, futuristic and fully customizable nature of Oréll Schooberry makes it appealing to school administrators, students and parents.

Benefits for Management

  • Single point school management system
  • Minimizes data redundancy through single database
  • Time saving communication among the management, staff and parents
  • Integrated application with smart card/barcode/RFID card
  • Global outlook and exposure for the school and its constituents
  • Paperless transaction in overall management processes
  • Immediate data retrieval through customizable reports
  • Compatible on LAN and Internet
  • Fully automated staff and student administration
  • Staff evaluation through online polls

Benefits for Staff

  • Complete attendance administration
  • Post assignments and notes/lessons on school online portal
  • Automated timetable scheduling and exam management
  • Online exam evaluation and assessment
  • Attendance tracking using Barcode/RFID card
  • Transparent Leave/loan application
  • Successful and effective communication with parents
  • Online feedback from parents and students through polls
  • Online question bank and question paper creation

Benefits for Students

  • Online application for admission
  • SMS/email alerts regarding application and admission status
  • Download assignments and lesson notes posted by faculty
  • Write exams online
  • Smooth access of exams & assignment results online
  • SMS/email reminders for fees and library media that are due
  • Staff performance evaluation through opinion polls
  • Online forum participation to express student’s views
  • Online collaboration on projects with other students
  • Access library OPAC search to browse library contents
  • Fully functional e-mail on school website with POP access
  • Exam timetables, event schedules and results posted on school website and sent via SMS/email.

Benefits for Parents

  • Multiple student access for parents with more than one child at the school
  • Instant SMS notification on student’s absence from the school
  • SMS/email alerts on fee due reminders and fees paid
  • View assignments set and continuous evaluation marks awarded
  • Access disciplinary actions and medical record of the student
  • View syllabus, notice board, exam schedules and holiday settings online
  • SMS/email alerts on exam/event results
  • Active participation in discussion forums and opinion polls
  • Get regular updates through e-news, image gallery, news letters etc

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