EDUGRIEVANCE - Online Grievance Redressal System

EduGrievance is a web based grievance redressal solution, a complete online complaint redressal system that allows higher education institutions to enhance satisfaction of students, parents, teachers and other institute stakeholders through comprehensive grievance management service. EduGrievance is highly sophisticated to automate the grievance process right from complaint registration to its closure. It also enforces optimal strategies to ensure the grievance gets attended within desired timeline or gets escalated to higher authorities for proper attention and intervention. EduGrievance has mainly three interfaces. The fully automated system includes a user interface for students, teachers, parents and other non-teaching staff, admin interface for managing the entire system and another one for the grievance cell members.


User Interface at-a-glance
Admin Interface at-a-glance
Grievance Cell Member Interface at-a-glance


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