AQJ Center for PG Studies, Visakhapatnam accepts Orell Schooberry GRS

Orell has teamed AQJ Center for PG Studies, Visakhapatnam with the purchase of Schooberry Grievance Redressal System. This is one of the most advanced integrations of Schooberry ERP. This is a product that marked great change in how colleges take upon grievances of their students.

The AQJ Centre for PG studies was pioneered under Maqbool Hussain Educational Welfare Society, which owes its existence to the munificence of Late Janab Abdul Qadir Jeelani. The institution is being successfully administered by Dr. P. Sudha Rani, MBA., Ph.D, who aims to provide quality education which is highly demanding to benefit Muslim minority students in particular and other Indian citizens in general. The college aims at producing Global Managers, IT professionals and Technocrats of excellence to equip the Indian Industry with contemporary global acumen. The institution was initiated in the year 1997, and has grown expeditiously standing among the top colleges of the State.

As per the s per the directives enforced by the Government, GRS is made compulsory in all the AICTE approved colleges. Schooberry GRS is an entirely online Complaint mechanism created aiming the campuses and their students especially, for they often find themselves in discomfort of various nature. It lends a hand in making the register, review, solution and report making of complaints. It not only comes handy to students as it can be used by teachers, parents and any other stakeholders of the institute. Being a comprehensive complaints redressal system, it streamlines the grievance handling in your institution with immediate effect.