Schooberry GRS bagged by Asian School of Management, Khordha, Odisha

Here we have yet another order for Orell Schooberry’s most successful and coveted add-on module- Schooberry GRS- the best Grievance Redressal Software available in the Educational Technology Spectrum of India. It is Asian School of Management, Khordha, Odisha, that has installed Schooberry GRS software in their campus.
Asian School of Management (ASM) under Purusottam Educational Research and Charitable trust is a leading institution in Odisha offering professional Management Programmes. ASM as it's popularly known today has become a paradigm reference for quality education and contemporary research. Students of the college find worthy positions in the industry. ASM spreads across 1 Acres of land. It houses 1 distinct buildings for academic and administration and research centres with conference and seminar halls with modern facilities. students will pursuing their study in different disciplines. The faculty members and the students enjoy 48 MBPS internet connectivity and fully Wi-fi campus. The college emphasizes that the standards of institutions, systems and academic regulations are aligned with any top-class institutes.
Our most popular add-on came into existence after AICTE’s announcement that necessitated an Online Grievance Redressal Software in the colleges that come under the board. Orell’s foresight led to the formation of Schooberry GRS, for we are one bunch of experts that create inventive technologies to innovate all aspects of educational administration. The key competency of this Online Grievance Redressal Software constitutes this advantageous design that enables the registration of complaints by students, teachers, parents and other stakeholders (even in secrecy) and resolve each of them by getting them promptly to the grievance redressal cell members.