Hope Higher Institute, Cameroon bags Oréll Schooberry (ERP) & Oréll eDo (e-Learning)

We at Orell are exhilarated in letting you know that Hope Higher Institute, Cameroon has accepted two of our most wanted products- Schooberry ERP with Orell eDo!
Hope Higher Institute offers a comprehensive range of courses, which attract students from many different backgrounds and countries. They focus high on guiding Students to give them an idea of what it is like to choose courses, study at Hope Higher Institute and provide them with all the information they need to apply.
Oréll ensures that students of all realms are benefitted with this advanced technology incorporated in Schooberry campus management software. Along with knowing how to use various online tools, which will give them an advantage in the prevailing job market, and add further skills to their portfolio taking their experience to higher pedestals.
Hope Higher Institute has opted for the Oréll Schooberry & Oréll eDo Premium version with Live Class as their e-Learning platform for 100 users. Oréll eDo is fast moving across the globe.
eDo aims to assist teachers to conduct online live classes and online exams. Teachers can create their own multi-media lessons using our state-of-the-art Course Planner & Lesson Composer.
The LIVE Virtual Class helps conduct classes with Whiteboard, Chat, File sharing options and much more.