H.B.Institute of Technology & Mining, Raniganj, West Bengal goes for Orell Schooberry GRS

GRS add on is the most sought after platform for Grievance redressal among all the integrations Schooberry ERP campus management software provides. We are glad that H.B.Institute of Technology & Mining, Raniganj, West Bengal understood the necessity to install a seamless grievance redressal system in their campus.
At H.B Institute of Technology & Mining they provide you a fresh and inviting campus and we advocate a ‘Students First’ philosophy. Students’ opportunity to understand facts and ideas, to think analytically and creatively are entertained beyond mere mark sheets. The institute primarily aims to shape global minds on the Indian soil: To ensure this, the school will give every student an access to world-class infrastructure, and an innovative curriculum that promotes the all-round development of the child imbibing traditional values.
Irrespective of becoming a mandate at engineering and technical institutes, Online Grievance redressal systems are not widespread due to the lack of knowledge on its importance and effectiveness. GRS systems are to transform institutions safe havens for students and teachers. Schooberry GRS lets student/teacher/parent/staff of the institution lodge complaint through the system by registering in the website. The system automatically sends alert to the grievance cell administrator on the complaint for taking required action. Upon The hassle-free proceedings let students have the resolutions for their complaints promptly.