Gangadhar Meher University, Odisha adapts Schooberry GRS

We are having a great run with the sale of Schooberry School Management Software’s integration software- Schooberry GRS- the best grievance redressal tool available in education software sector. Our latest client Gangadhar Meher University, Odisha has been delivered the system promptly accompanied with thorough training on how to properly make use of grievance redressal portal.
Established in 1944 as Sambalpur College, the name of the institution was changed to Gangadhar Meher College in 1949 after the name of the illustrious Oriya poet. It is situated in a tribal dominated part of Orissa and strives hard for excellence in its way to fulfill its goal and mission since then.
Schooberry GRS is a highly sophisticated software that automates the grievance process right from complaint registration to its closure. The complainant will be able to review the status of a complaint, whether it’s been assessed and disposed of by the grievance committee members. The importance of Grievance Redressal at a campus peaked with the intervention of AICTE’s mandate on installing GRS software at every campus that came under it. Of all the GRS software that mushroomed, Schooberry GRS holds an incontestable upper-hand with the convenience it assures in grievance disposal procedure.