Assam University, Silichar, Assam installs Orell Schooberry GRS

Orell’s most proclaimed software Schooberry’s latest and one of the most essential integration– Schooberry GRS was purchased by Assam University, Silichar Assam University, Silichar. It is a milestone for the invigorating journey of Orell to have in account one more client from Assam.
Assam University came into existence in 1994 after enactment of the Assam (Central) University Act 1989. It was to meet the emerging demand of well-trained technical manpower all across the industries of Assam.
The software cater to the governmental mandate to install grievance redressal platforms at institutions as they are instrumental in solving issues students, parents, teachers encounter in academic sphere. We are honoured that an institution as esteemed as Assam University has gone for our latest add-on to Schooberry. Schooberry GRS is the best GRS that lets students, teachers, parents as well as other stakeholders register and find solutions to their complaints related to the occurrences at the institution.